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How to use reference images to make drawing poses easy!

This article uses reference images from our friend Sarah at AdorkaStock. Read more about her awesome work in our article here! Here at Anime Art Magazine, and over at our school, Anime Art Academy, our teachers are always telling students of the importance of using reference images to draw their poses. But how exactly should

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Drawing men’s hands: how do hands change with age?

I think hands are an area that most artists find difficult to begin with, but in anime hands tell us almost as much about a character as their face, so it’s important that we understand as much about them as we can! In anime and manga, we see a lot of variation in men’s hands

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Simple tips for drawing authentic anime eyes

Today we’re going to be going through some simple yet effective techniques to combat some of the most common mistakes made by students as they’re learning to draw anime style eyes. First of all, it is important to understand what parts of the realistic human eye we use when drawing anime eyes. After all, even

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All about Japanese girls’ school uniforms! (Part 2)

Have you ever found yourself lost when trying to draw Japanese school uniforms? You’ve seen them a lot in anime, but when it comes to actually designing and drawing them yourself… you’re not sure where to start? If you’ve ever felt like that, this lesson is for you! In this lesson, we’re going to be

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All about Japanese girls’ school uniforms! (Part 1)

In Japan, manga and anime based in schools is hugely popular, and the “Japanese school girl” is an iconic image seen everywhere from anime and cosplay, to blockbuster Hollywood movies. When anime fans start drawing in manga style, they will often start with this classic school girl outfit. But did you know there’s much more

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Two key elements for a great main character

One of the main challenges we have as writers, illustrators and animators, is to create a great, likeable main character that the audience will want to follow through to the end of a series. What if I told you there are just two key areas that will allow for you to create an awesome character

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Drawing hair: all you need to know to get started!

Hair is an area where many artists have issues, and anime hair might be one of the most nuanced and difficult areas of anime art. It’s easy to feel lost, or not know where to start. Follow the tips below, and you’ll be on the right track to drawing great anime hair! The basics of

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