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Professional tools to help you draw manga like a pro! Part 1

As long as they have paper and pen, anyone can draw manga! That being said, there are certain tools that become necessary when a manga-ka wants to draw by hand at professional level. Whilst a lot of manga illustration and production has turned digital nowadays, there are plenty of artists who still prefer more traditional

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Drawing Girl’s Eyes: Part 2

Today let’s learn about some different “types” of girls’ eyes! For the basics on drawing girls’ eyes, check out Drawing Girl’s Eyes: Part 1 Drawing upward-slanting “cat eyes” Known as “tsuri me” (“tsoori meh”) in Japanese, these upward slanting eyes are often used for strong and courageous characters. Cat eyed characters often have a scary

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Drawing Girl’s Eyes: Part 1

In anime, eyes are one of the things that set characters apart from each other, and give them individuality. By using different shapes of eyes, and adjusting the angle, we can change the whole personality of a character and how they are perceived.  Let’s take a look at how eyes are made up, how eyes

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Tips for drawing sexy female characters

Do you ever feel like you can’t quite get the body right when you draw anime women? Since the anime style is quite simplified, the face can feel easier to draw, but the body actually draws a lot on real human anatomy, so it can be a lot trickier! Especially when it comes to curvier,

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How to draw “kemono mimi” animal ears on characters

Animal ears are often seen in anime, and are known as “kemono mimi” or “kemomimi” in Japanese – they make for really cute and fun characters! Kemomimi are a fantasy trope, but because they’re so popular and common, there are some rules that have come into place over the years that we need to follow

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Using eyelashes to change the atmosphere of your character

The eyes are one of the parts of character illustration that we want to take most care with, because as people say, the eyes are the windows to the soul! Not only is the eye shape and iris style important, we need to think about how we place the eyelashes, and how many we use

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