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Wise words and inspirational quotes from legendary JUMP manga-ka (Part 1)

Of course it’s important to learn all the right artistic techniques and perfect your drawing skills in order to make it big in the illustration industry. But knowing about the mindset of successful artists can be really helpful too! Let’s take a look at some wise words and inspirational quotes from some artists whose work

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“This Manga is Awesome” ranking 2022

The annual “This manga is awesome!” rankings have been announced! “This manga is awesome!” is a ranking that’s been running since 2006, and its sponsored by Japanese publisher Takarajimasha. The ranking is announced at the end of each year and picks up on all of the hottest upcoming manga that’s due for release the next

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What’s it like to work as a manga artist’s assistant? How can I become one?

There are many reasons people choose to become manga-ka’s assistants. From wanting to be close to and learn from an artist they admire, to simply wanting to draw manga, but not feeling confident about the “story writing” side of things. Manga-ka’s assistants aren’t like regular office workers, and have a lot of interesting and unique

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What’s it like to work as an animator in Japan?

At Japanese animation companies, you’ll find many animators hard at work at their separate work stations, working on their own designated areas of work. So what do these different animator jobs involve exactly? Let’s go through some of the things you might be expected to do as a professional animator in Japan! What is an

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The legend of Akira Toriyama, creator of Dragon Ball

Introducing the little-known, and surprising circumstances behind Akira Toriyama’s debut and career! When you think of world-famous manga artists, Akira Toriyama has to be one of the first to come to mind. His popular series “Dragon Ball,” serialized in “Weekly Shonen Jump” in 1984, sold an astonishing number of volumes; with more than 260 million

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How can I become a Manga-ka in Japan? 

Becoming a professional illustrator and living and working in Japan is a dream held by many international anime and manga fans. “But where should I start!?” Yes, it’s intimidating to start out on a journey without knowing what direction to take, so let us take you through some easy steps to get you started, and

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