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Anime Art Academy is now on Discord! Come and join our community!

We are excited to announce that Anime Art Academy is now on Discord! After many requests from students, we decided to create an online space where students can get together as a community. Come and join our server, meet your fellow students, exchange study tips, and chat about your favourite anime and manga series! You’ll

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Popular anime tropes to use (or avoid!) in your work / Part 1

Any anime fan will know that anime is full of tropes and stereotypes, and many anime seem to follow the same kind of pattern, with a similar cast of characters. But the undeniable truth is that there are certain tried and tested formulas that just work! Perhaps fans get a sense of comfort from recognising

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Great anime to look out for in Spring 2022!

April will see the start of a new anime season, with a ton of new releases to enjoy. So far 59 new series have been announced! We’ve picked out some of the series we’re looking forward to this season, so if you’re looking for a new anime to enjoy, why not check one of these

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Introducing the newest member of our Anime Art Academy teaching team!

Hello friends! Today we’re happy to introduce to you the newest member of our teaching team – Ebi Blue! Name: Ebi Blue Role: Lesson Editorial Supervisor A professional Japanese illustrator who landed a manga publishing deal after establishing himself as a best-selling artist at the famous “Comiket” convention in Tokyo. His booth at Comiket is

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AAA x Character Contest Results

Over the past few months, we’ve been running a character creation contest, in collaboration with our friends at They were looking for an artist to draw some character art for their anime conventions, and we knew that we had many students who’d be just perfect for the job! We had so many wonderful submissions

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Akiba Souken’s 2022 poll announces last year’s most popular anime songs!

Japanese anime and popular culture news site Akiba Souken ran a poll in January 2022 to find everyone’s favourite anime songs from the past year, and the results are in! Do you agree with this ranking? Are any of your favourites here? 1.  Aina Suzuki – “Reverse-Rebirth” from Rumble Garanndol (Autumn 2021) 2. Vivi (VA. Kairi

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