Revealing the stunning results of our student “New Year Card” art challenge!

We’re excited to unveil the stunning results of our first student-only art event of 2024!

Our student-only art events are vibrant celebrations of art and creativity, where students can showcase their unique art styles, and all the skills they have picked up on our anime art courses.

Each time, we invite all students enrolled in our courses to get involved by sending in their artwork based on a chosen theme.

This time the theme was “NENGAJO” which means “New Year Card” in Japanese.

Our students brought us so much festive joy with their creative New Year Cards, brightening the Academy with all of their submissions! Thanks so much to all participants!

Explore the beautiful festive gallery now, and witness the creativity of our very own Anime Art Academy students. Many of our artists have chosen to include the 2024 zodiac animal – the Dragon! So you’ll find this first exhibition of 2024 to be overflowing with truly unique and magical artwork.

Each piece includes comments from our professional Japanese manga-ka and illustrators, to add to the fun of the event.

Click below to explore the gallery… and be sure to jump in and join a course if you want to be part of the fun next time!!


What exactly are Japanese “Nengajo”?

A “nengajo” (年賀状) is a traditional Japanese New Year’s greeting card. People in Japan send nengajo to friends, family, and colleagues to wish them well for the upcoming year.

Nengajo are typically sent in the weeks leading up to the New Year and are delivered on New Year’s Day. The cards often feature traditional Japanese New Year’s symbols and imagery, such as pine trees, plum blossoms, cranes, and other auspicious symbols. Many nengajo also include the Chinese zodiac animal of the upcoming year, as each year in the Chinese zodiac is associated with a specific animal. This year that animal was the Dragon!

One unique aspect of nengajo is the custom of sending them early to make sure they arrive on New Year’s Day. To ensure timely delivery, Japan Post sets up special mailboxes for nengajo, and people often send their cards in advance so that they can be processed and delivered promptly on New Year’s Day.

In addition to offering New Year’s greetings, nengajo may also include personal updates and well-wishes for the recipient’s health and prosperity in the coming year. It is a meaningful way for people to connect with their loved ones and express goodwill for the year ahead.

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