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How does a character’s movement affect the way their hair moves? Part 3

Over the past few articles, we’ve been talking about how hair moves along with a character, and under the influence of all different elements like wind and water. Let’s continue the lesson today! Today we’ll be focusing mostly on how the hair looks when a character is touching or moving it. Make sure you check

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How to use real life anatomy to draw a perfect anime nose!

In anime, you’ll probably have noticed that there are countless different ways to draw the nose. Many anime noses look very simple, so you might think that this is an area you can skip in your studies – “just a simple dot or line around the middle of the face is fine, right??” But no,

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How are different hair colours used in anime?

We talked about how different hair styles affect a character’s image, but did you know hair colour is another tool we can use to change how a character appears. Let’s talk about how all different hair colours are used in anime! This should help you when choosing the hair colour for your characters! We’ll use

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Make your audience drool! Tips for drawing delicious realistic food

Have you ever seen an anime or manga that really makes your stomach rumble? In English we talk about really delicious-looking food as “food porn”, and anime and manga are really good at delivering this! In fact, they even have a word for it in Japanese! “Meshi-tero” comes from the word “meshi” for food, and

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How to use reference images to make drawing poses easy!

This article uses reference images from our friend Sarah at AdorkaStock. Read more about her awesome work in our article here! Here at Anime Art Magazine, and over at our school, Anime Art Academy, our teachers are always telling students of the importance of using reference images to draw their poses. But how exactly should

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