Top tips for drawing expressions! Part 9 – Hate & Disgust

In this series, we’re looking at a range of different anime expressions, and learning how to use and draw them in our own work! Today’s expression is “disgust” or “hatred”, an expression we see when a character’s distaste for something or someone is showing. This is a good expression to learn, because often characters don’t put their strong feeling into words in these situations, so it’s important to be able to show it on their faces, so our audience understands.

Let’s get started looking at the expression!

How to draw a disgusted or hateful expression

As in a lot of negative expressions, we want to add tension to the eyebrows. In many cases we will see the eyebrows drawn together, and the eyes in a flat, narrowed state known as “jitome”, to express disgust. But when we’re adding anger to the equation, it’s good to give the eyes a look as if they’re really staring down the object of their hatred. Think “if looks could kill”.

Front view

Point 1

We see creases between the eyebrows as they’re drawn together

Point 2

A wide, thin, slightly open mouth helps to show disgust or distaste

Point 3

This “manpu” comic symbol under the eyes suggests the face is going pale or losing colour – this is often used in states of shock or disgust. Note that this is different to angled hatched marks on the cheeks, that show blushing or rosy cheeks! These lines should be totally vertical to show the blood and colour “draining” down out of the face.

3/4 view

Side view

Low view

High view

Practical techniques

The shape and expression of the eyes and mouth will really define how the character is feeling towards the object of their disgust or rage. The above character’s eyes are narrowed, with eyebrows raised at slightly different angles, with the mouth pursed as if they are biting back their rage. The way the whole face is twisted and tense adds to the anger in the expression.

Point 1

Again, here we see the eyebrows at different heights and angles, and the eyes narrowed. One of the eyes is slightly wider than the other, giving the impression that the face is really strained with annoyance and distaste.

Point 2

Adding in some horizontal lines under the eyes and nose to represent wrinkles where the character is scrunching up their eyes and nose in disgust, will also strengthen the expression.

We hope this article has been useful to you in your study of different expressions! Use this article as a reference when drawing disgusted, angry or hateful expressions in your own work. These kind of emotions and expressions can really add drama to a scene, and show feelings that characters might not necessarily express through words.

Good luck with your studies!

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