Drawing Hair Part 1 – Draw hair easily by dividing it into blocks!

In this session, we’ll talk about basic hair drawing techniques for beginners. Understanding about the different sections of hair is the best way to get started with drawing hair!
When drawing hair, it’s helpful to break the hairstyle down into three sections: front, sides, and back. This approach makes it much easier to draw.

Divide hair into three sections

Hair can generally be separated into three sections: front, sides, and back. Be sure to carefully observe and remember the positions of each section. Also, before drawing hair, sketch the outline of the head and be sure to establish the location of the hairline and the crown!

1 – Divide hair into three sections: front, sides, and back.

2 – Draw the flow of hair separately for each part: front, sides, and back.

If you’re uncertain about the hair flow, it’s perfectly acceptable to sketch a rough shape for the hair first (step 3) and then decide on the hair flow direction afterwards.

3-Draw the rough shape of the hair in blocks, following the flow of the hair.

If you start drawing detailed hair strands right from the beginning, it can be easy to throw off the balance and proportions, so it’s best to begin by sketching the general shape of the hair first.

4 – Use the rough hair shape sketched in step 3 as an outline and add detailed hair strands.

To achieve a more natural look, draw hair strands with different sizes and avoid having each strand take up the same amount of space.

5 – Finished!

Let’s keep these common mistakes in mind when drawing hair!

The image below illustrates common errors that occur when drawing hair. Take a look at it side by side with the finished illustration from earlier and identify where the mistakes are.

An example of well-balanced hair drawing

An example of a drawing with mistakes


The hairline is not aligned properly with the contour of the head.

Also, the flow of the hair is not following the shape of the head or the pull of gravity.


Having all the hair strands of the same size creates an unbalanced appearance.


The hair strands have varying hair flow, leading to a lack of consistency and unity.

The three sections of hair and the parts of hair

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