Drawing the face from all different angles

Using all different angles in your work is a great way to add some interest and excitement to a scene. Think of a movie, for example – the actor isn’t always shot from the front like a passport photo, right? The same is true of anime and manga. The more interesting angles, the more dynamic your scenes will appear, and it can help create a good atmosphere too.

However, drawing the face in a natural way from all different angles can be a struggle! So we’ve put together this collection of example images that you can use as references to help you practice and get used to drawing from all different angles.

Front view

Front view from below
Front view from directly in front
Front view from above

Back view

Back view from below
Back view from directly behind
Back view from above

Hopefully this collection will be useful to you all in your studies. Remember, reference images are super important when drawing tricky angles, so make sure to check back whenever you’re not sure.

We go into different angles and perspective in a lot more detail in our courses at Anime Art Academy, so be sure to check those out if you’re serious about learning more about character illustration!

Good luck with your studies everyone!

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