How to draw Japanese high school girls’ uniforms – Blazer Edition

Japanese anime and manga often feature high school girls wearing uniforms. This guide will explain the important points to remember when drawing the blazer style version of these school uniforms.

Like the sailor uniform, the popular blazer type of school uniform has been adopted by many Japanese high schools. The length of the skirt can be adjusted to make the wearer look more studious or more girly.
Blazer-style uniforms are highly influential in shaping the popularity of private junior high schools and high schools in Japan. Furthermore, schools with a relatively brief history often opt for blazer uniforms.

Spring/Summer Uniforms

During the summer season, it is common to see people wearing blouses instead of blazers or opting for vest-style sweaters.

Point 1

There are various styles to choose from, including those with ties and ribbons. The important thing is to have a good understanding of the collar’s structure and be able to draw it accurately.
See the following URL for the types of ribbons and ties for blazer uniforms

Point 2

The fashion trend of Japanese high school girls wearing slightly large vests in a casual and relaxed style has become both popular and cute.

Point 3

Blazer uniforms typically feature skirts with checkered patterns, in contrast to the solid-coloured skirts of sailor uniforms. This design element emphasizes the uniform’s cute and charming appearance.

Autumn/Winter Uniforms

The design of a blazer-style uniform, and how fashionable it is can actually impact the popularity of a school! That’s why many private high schools in Japan prioritize this style for their uniforms.

Point 1

In most cases, a patch with the school emblem is sewn onto the left chest of the uniform.

Point 2

When the sleeves of a blouse are slightly visible, it makes the outfit look cuter.

Let’s all enjoy drawing original uniforms with blazers!

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