How to draw Japanese high school girls’ uniforms – Sailor Fuku (Sailor outfit)

High school girls’ sailor uniforms are a prevalent feature in Japanese anime and manga. In this guide, we will walk you through the important aspects of drawing these recognizable Japanese high school girls’ sailor uniforms.

The key to wearing a sailor uniform is to maintain a refreshing look. A longer skirt length creates a more innocent image, while a shorter skirt conveys a lively and energetic appearance.

Spring/Summer Costumes

Summer sailor uniforms in Japan are typically white or pale blue in color and are made from a lightweight blend of cotton and synthetic fibers. The purpose of this design is to ensure comfort and breathability during the hot and humid summer season in Japan.


There are also several patterns for tying the neck scarf. This is the most popular design, in which the scarf is threaded through a scarf threader.
See below for the different types of ties for sailor uniforms


The cropped top is cute and trendy. When illustrating a dynamic pose, ensure the jacket is just long enough to offer a peek of the navel.

Autumn/Winter Costumes

In contrast to summer uniforms, winter sailor uniforms are typically composed of black or navy blue tops and bottoms. These uniforms are designed to provide warmth during the colder months and are often made from wool fabric, which creates an overall impression of elegance and serenity.


Remember to draw the sleeves with a relaxed fit. By giving them a slightly puffed appearance, you can effectively represent the texture of heavier materials.


Many sailor uniforms feature cuffs with striped designs.

Now that you’ve grasped the main features of Japanese sailor uniforms, consider trying your hand at crafting charming characters adorned with these outfits.

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