“This Manga is Awesome” ranking 2022

The annual “This manga is awesome!” rankings have been announced! “This manga is awesome!” is a ranking that’s been running since 2006, and its sponsored by Japanese publisher Takarajimasha. The ranking is announced at the end of each year and picks up on all of the hottest upcoming manga that’s due for release the next year. Most of these pieces have been running in weekly manga magazines, gathered a lot of popularity there, and are due for full tankoubon release in 2022.

Let’s take a look at this year’s ranking, and find out what we should be looking out for in 2022!

Male Readers’ Ranking

1 “Look Back” by Tatsuki Fujimoto 175pt

Fujimoto holds on to his top spot in the ranking! Last year he was given the number one spot for his manga “Chainsaw Man”.

This time he’s back with a one-shot emotional drama manga that tells the tale of an aspiring manga artist as she struggles with her work and her rivalry with another student artist at school.

It’s been hugely popular online since it was release in JUMP + magazine this year.

2 “Chi.: Chikyuu no Undou ni Tsuite” (Chi: About the Movement of the Earth) by Uoto 145pt

In 15th Century Europe, so-called “heretics” were being burned at the stake. Our protagonist is a child prodigy whose meeting with a mysterious man introduces him to a new “truth” in the midst of all the heretical thought.

3 “Kaiju No. 8” by Naoya Matsumoto 136pt

When Japan is under attack from giant monsters called Kaiju, one worker tasked with cleaning up the bodies in the aftermath of battle, dreams of one day joining the Force and battling Kaiju himself. In an unexpected twist of fate, he becomes Kaiju himself! How can he fight Kaiju if he is one himself??

This manga is the fastest growing series produced in JUMP + history, and is expected to get an anime adaption in the near future too! Definitely one to watch.

4. “Dandadan” by Yukinobu Tatsu 86pt
5. “Tokyo Higoro” by Taiyo Matsumoto  74pt
6. “Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End“ 71pt
7. “Oshi no Ko” by Aka Akasaka  65pt
8. “Trillion Game” by Riichiro Inagaki 49pt
9. “Peleliu: Rakuen no Guernica” by Masao Hiratsuka and Kazuyoshi Takeda 48pt
10. “Daauin Jihen” by Shun Umezawa 43pt

Female Readers’ ranking:

1. “Umi ga Hashiru End Roll” by John Tarachine 226pt

Umiko is a 65 year-old woman whose husband had just recently passed away. She went to the cinema for the first time in decades and there she meets Kai, a student majoring in film at a nearby arts university. Umiko realises for the first time what she wants to do with her life – she wants to shoot movies!
The way the characters interact makes you forget the age

2. “Tsukuritai Onna to Tabetai Onna” (“Woman who Wants to Cook and Woman who Wants to Eat”) by Sakaomi Yuzaki 113pt

As the title suggests, this is the story of a friendship between a woman who loves to cook so much that she can’t eat it all herself, and a woman who loves to eat! As the two neighbours grow closer over their love of food, a beautiful connection is formed. This is a work that really challenges the norms of Japanese society, and how things “should” be!

3. “Ooku: The Inner Chambers” by Fumi Yoshinaga 86pt

This super popular work that has won many prizes over its 16 year serialization has finally reached its finale.

Make sure not to miss the conclusion of this legendary Shoujo manga work!

4. “Uruwashi no Yoi no Tsuki” by Mika Yamamori 76pt
5. “Onna no Sono no Hoshi” by Yama Wayama 74pt
6. “Blank Space” by Kon Kumakura 67pt
7. “Kageki Shoujo!!” by Kumiko Saiki 64pt
8. “Shiawase wa Tabete Nete Mate” (“Eat, Sleep and Wait for Happiness”) by Tori Mizunagi 52pt
9. “Branch Line” by Aoi Ikebe 49pt
10. “Mystery to Iunakare” by Yumi Tamura 46pt

So, what did you think of the ranking? Were there any works you already knew about? Any that you’re looking forward to? All of these works were at centre stage of the manga industry in 2021, so they’re definitely worth checking out if you haven’t already!

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