AAA x Character Contest Results

Over the past few months, we’ve been running a character creation contest, in collaboration with our friends at They were looking for an artist to draw some character art for their anime conventions, and we knew that we had many students who’d be just perfect for the job!

We had so many wonderful submissions (too many to post here, in fact!), and we’d like to thank every one of our students who took the time to submit their work for the contest. We had lots of fun going through everyone’s beautiful submissions, and it was really tough cutting it down to these top ten!

That being said, let’s get on to the results!

1st Prize -WINNER-

Congratulations SAM151515!

Big congratulations to Sam for their winning submission! Everything from the character’s expressions to her various costume options were perfectly planned out, and we could tell Sam is a pro at character creation. Their details have been passed on to, and we’re looking forward to see what characters they come up with for the convention! Congratulations again Sam, and thanks for your excellent submission!

1st Runner-up – GOLD-


We were blown away by not only the characters, but also the stunning atmosphere that phiセン creates in their work. The beautiful backgrounds and effects really help tell a story about their characters!

2nd Runner-up – SILVER-


Venus showed great talent for drawing both men and women in their submissions, and we loved the beautiful costume detail and original hair styles they use!

3rd Runner-up – BRONZE-

Hazil Barnts

Not only is the character’s expression very well drawn, Hazil also shows great skill with their colouring and themes – the soft pink/beige colour scheme and the use of the bear motif all over this character’s accessories really help build an image of what kind of person their character is. Great character design Hazil!

Honourable Mentions

We had so many wonderful entries, from so many skilled artists, that we just had to share some more of them! In no particular order, here are some of the other artists whose work really stood out to us!


We love Sofia’s bright colouring, and the balance of their characters is excellent. With a little more focus on the linework, they could take these pieces up to the next level!


Ikari shows skill in both block anime colouring, and in their own original watercolour style. We’d love to see Ikari experiment with some more adventurous angles!


Ethan uses some really cool cinematic effects to bring their scenes to life! The neon colouring in the city scene really gives us a feel for the atmosphere of the scene. It would be great if we had some pieces where we could see the characters a little more clearly too!


We loved Austin’s retro style – both the colouring and the lineart style feels like its been heavily influenced by popular 80’s and 90’s anime! The movement we see in the characters hair and clothing really adds to the atmosphere of the scene. Great work Austin!


Lam’s rich and detailed art style is super original! We love the texture they bring out in both the characters’ faces and their clothing.


Waylon’s fanart of Froppy (My Hero Academia) is really beautifully drawn – we love their clean linework and cute expressions here. We’d have loved to see an original character design too!

Teacher’s Choice

The following entries also stood out to our teachers, and with just a little more practice, we think these artists will be capable of really wonderful things in the future!


What a cute character! The movement in the hair is very well drawn, and the atmosphere of the image is great. We think with just a bit more work on balance and anatomy, Sierra will be able to make great progress!


Emi’s style is very cute and original, and they’ve done very well with the poses here. With a little work on things like facial balance and anime shading, we can see them improving their work even more!

That brings us to the end of our results announcement!

Another big congratulations to all winners and runners-up, and thank you to everyone who took part! If your work wasn’t featured this time, please don’t worry – every entry that was submitted this time showed really great potential; so every one of you has a chance of winning next time if you keep studying hard!

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