Introducing the newest member of our Anime Art Academy teaching team!

Hello friends!

Today we’re happy to introduce to you the newest member of our teaching team – Ebi Blue!

Name: Ebi Blue

Role: Lesson Editorial Supervisor

A professional Japanese illustrator who landed a manga publishing deal after establishing himself as a best-selling artist at the famous “Comiket” convention in Tokyo. His booth at Comiket is in a highly sought after area, with constant queues of dedicated fans lining up to get hold of his popular comics!

Ebi Blue’s trademark art style, “gesu-gao” is famous among Japanese and international anime fans alike, reaching full-blown meme status after being featured in Youtube video “U Got That” (With over 75 million views to date!)


“U Got That”:

Anime Art Academy – About Us:

Message to students:

When it comes to study, love is power!

If you want to get better at drawing, take an anime, manga or game that you love, and draw your favourite characters or scenes as much as you can. The passion you have for those characters will surely show in your work, and it will give you the motivation and energy to continue working hard.

Here at Anime Art Academy, we want to help you learn the technical aspects of illustration, so that you can create work that you love!

Our team are dedicated to designing courses that give you the tools and methods you need to improve efficiently.

Thanks for being a part of the Academy! I’m looking forward to seeing all of your work!

Ebi Blue’s ART

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